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Zebra-Telerad partnership goes global

Israelis-Indians venture on medical mission.

Shefayim-based Zebra Medical Vision and India’s Telerad Tech have signed a partnership to bring Israeli cloud-based deep learning analytics engine to over 20 countries and 150 hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Zebra Medical Vision has been a pioneer in the development and commercialization of deep learning imaging analytics solutions, and since 2015 has released clinical applications that automatically identify liver, lung, bone and cardiovascular disease, as well as breast cancer and intra-cranial bleeding.

The company’s solutions have been implemented in hospitals across Europe and the US, and the collaboration with Telerad Tech will allow expansion of the company’s footprint to India, broader Asia and Africa.

“Zebra’s mission has always been to make radiology more accessible and affordable globally,” said Elad Benjamin, co-founder and CEO of Zebra Medical Vision.

“Our partnership with Telerad Tech will help us bridge the growing gap between demand and supply of radiology services, and allow developing healthcare economies to make a leap in their quality of care by using state of the art deep learning technology,” said Benjamin.

“Our company is proud to serve healthcare systems that treat millions of patients in over 20 countries globally,” added Arjun Kalyanpur, Founder and CEO of Teleradiology Solutions and Telerad Tech.

“Our emphasis and focus has always been on high quality radiology reporting and accessibility. Zebra’s ability to produce and deploy AI for radiology is the exact type of added value we hope to bring to help fulfill our vision of impacting patient diagnosis and medical care in India, Asia, and Africa,” he elaborated.

Zebra Medical Vision uses machine and deep learning to create and provide next generation products and services to the healthcare industry.

Teleradiology Solutions was founded in 2002 by two Yale University trained physicians. It provides teleradiology services (i.e. CT, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound, Nuclear medicine, Echocardiograms) to over 150 hospitals in 19 countries globally, including the United States, Singapore, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Maldives and remote parts of India.

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