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Reliance focus on Indian market

Huddersfield company keen to share expertise

Reliance Precision Ltd of Huddersfield is focused on developing business in the Indian defence sector, sharing its experience of over 60 years in providing custom-built, high reliability, precision components and assemblies to customers from a diverse range of global markets.

“Our engineering capabilities include design, development, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly and test, complemented by a catalogue of precision motion control components and electro-mechanical assemblies,” said Alistair Durie, Head of Aerospace Business Development at Reliance.

The company provides a one-stop shop for the design engineer – from basic essentials, such as captive screws and component gears, to complete electromechanical geared sub-assemblies for rotary and linear motion.

“We offer a carefully selected mix of in-house designed and manufactured products together with products from leading global manufacturers, all of which can be modified to suit individual requirements,” he said.

Reliance has partnered with Strongfield Technologies to provide high accuracy gears into various defence programmes including Gun upgrades.

“It is the quality and accuracy that we are providing while trying to keep the end product’s weight light and cost down,” he said. “We are happy to offer advice on the design strategy for custom gears and can help with datum positioning and dimensioning to achieve the best possible accuracy at the most economical cost, unnecessary tolerance build-ups often lead to interim manufacturing operations and additional cost.”

Reliance is in the early stage of working on 10-15 programmes in India. “When it comes to production, we can definitely think of doing it in India,” said Durie.

“Our aim is to provide choice and flexibility for our customers – from standard ex-stock components to custom-designed and manufactured sub-systems, or even complete instruments.

“We are committed to understanding customers’ individual objectives, building strong technical working relationships, and applying our engineering skills and experience to help you introduce your products to market as smoothly as possible,” stressed Durie.

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