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Puri update 1,350 smart city projects

Tender 400 projects worth Rs.20,000 crore

Puri Speaks on Metro


Around 1,350 projects worth Rs.50,000 crore have been tendered under the Smart City Mission, of which 950 projects, costing Rs.30,675 crore, are in progress or completed, said Hardeep S Puri, Minister of State Housing & Urban Affairs.

Another 400 projects, costing about Rs.20,000 crore, are at tendering stage, he said during the Ministry’s Committee meeting held at Surat on 8 June 2018.

Other projects being implemented under the mission are Smart Roads which optimize the utilization of space and are adding universal accessibility in 31 cities.

Forty-seven cities are implementing more than 120 MW of solar projects promoting cleaner energy.

Development of public spaces like riverfront, water fronts, rejuvenation of city lakes and ponds are a priority of the mission, he said.

One innovative feature of the mission is that the municipal bodies need to leverage their financial resources by municipal bonds, value capture finance, PPP, multi-lateral loans etc.

It is noteworthy that 98 projects costing Rs.6,000 crore are under implementation with Public Private Partnership (PPP).

PPP projects are getting good responses not only in the big cities but even in the smaller towns.

Dwelling on the way forward, the Minister informed that

Making Urban Local Bodies financially self-sufficient is very important for sustainable development, said Puri.

The Ministry has also started a campaign to do credit rating of cities, of which 412 cities have been done, said Puri, adding that 155 cities have been at “investment grade”.

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