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Project: Bengaluru’s Raffles Park.

Project: Bengaluru’s Raffles Park

Source: Raffles Park.

Source: Raffles Park.

A Singapore investor has introduced new architectural designs, improved project management and advanced construction techniques in a villa-based park at Bengaluru.

Raffles Park, a project involving experts from Singapore and India, has set a new benchmark in luxury residential sector, especially in Bengaluru’s posh residential market.

RP, a 15-acre gated community in Whitefield with 61 bespoke villas, is designed for high net worth individuals (HNWIs), non-resident Indians (NRIs) and corporate executives in the vibrant South Indian city, said Iqbal Jumabhoy, the lead promoter.

The RP architecture is a collaboration between India’s renowned architecture firm Karan Grover and Associates (KGA), and Singapore-based Warner Wong Design/WOW Architects.

WOW brings in the international flavour with its aspects of luxury, quality and unparalleled attention to detail, born from a very clear client brief, Jumabhoy pointed out.

RP is based on Singapore’s garden city concept, added Jumabhoy whose migrant grand-father became a business-leader in the early days of island city state’s development.

With four villas to an acre, it has 19 per cent of building footprint and 81 per cent open spaces so that the home owner harmonises with nature.

The Indian Green Building Council has given a gold award to RP for it is an entire green, low density development.

“In Raffles Park, we have brought together the traditional Indian culture of having a courtyard into the garden environment. The panoramic view one gets from each villa is unique in nature with a column-free living space of over 35-ft,” said Wong Chiu Man, Founder, Warner Wong Design and WOW Architects.

Adding to the excellence in designs, is expertise from Karan Grover, the master planner reputed for his green initiatives in India.

Being aware of India’s huge potential, Jumabhoy said “we are confident that in the coming years, the real estate sector will attract more global players to India and hence will help the industry to mature, become more transparent, improve management and adopt advanced construction techniques”.

Bengaluru has emerged as India’s leading villa market, being the third-largest hub for High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and a preferred destination for returning Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Jumabhoy observed.

It is also a centre for international blue chip companies to outsource Informational Technolgy (IT) development and biotechnology, the executives of which seek home of international standards, said Jumabhoy of the Bengaluru market.

Jumabhoy has led a family-investment to complete the Rs360 crore Raffles Park in plush Bengaluru, saying it was a response to the demand from HNIs, NRIs and corporate executives in the city.

“We decided on Bengaluru as our handpicked destination for our maiden project as this is one of the most promising markets for villa projects in India,” said Jumabhoy, who has spent two years on completing the upmarket residential project.

Jumabhoy elaborated on the RP designs: “Our idea was to attain the confluence of two different architectural landscapes – modern inspiration and tropical designs of Singapore and abundant traditional Indian architecture with its predilection for courtyards, gardens and open spaces.”

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