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PPP vital for pre-school education

India seek quality education from private sector

The role of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is vital for a robust pre-school education format, Anil Swarup, Secretary, School Education & Literacy in the Ministry of Human Resource Development said on 11 May 2018.

The government or private sector alone cannot solve the humongous task of redefining the pre-school education system in India.

He said, “volume or size can come from government, but quality will come from the private sector.”

Swarup was speaking at the conference FICCI ARISE ‘Re-imagining Pre-school Education’ organised by FICCI in Delhi. FICCI Alliance for Re-Imagining School Education (FICCI ARISE) is a collegium of members representing various facets of the education ecosystem.

Today, one of the most challenging task in pre-school education is the lack of trained teachers, he said and advised the private sector to submit ideas to government with a focused approach.

“Idea has to be politically acceptable, socially desirable, technologically feasible, financially viable and administratively doable”, he added.

Manit Jain, Co-Chairman, FICCI ARISE and Co-Founder, The Heritage School said, “By seeking autonomy we will also have to make ourselves accountable”.

Prof. Venita Kaul, Professor Emeritus, Ambedkar University Delhi, highlighted that “we need to focus on developing appropriate education framework along with a flexible curriculum.”

“To ensure a proper pre-school education, we need good quality teacher support mentoring system along with the quality of curriculum”, said Prof. Kaul.

In her opening remarks, Shobha Mishra Ghosh, Assistant Secretary General, FICCI said that for the development and growth of a country, education and skills play a significant role and we can’t focus on education in silos.

She said, “Continuum of education is very important and the very foundation is pre-school education”.

The seminar also witnessed active participation of representatives from state government, UNICEF, schools and educational institutions.

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