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Let’s Mine $$$ together – ICO offer

A Billion dollar Blockchain Mining business by NRI

A Singapore-based young Indian entrepreneur is in the process of creating a huge multimillion dollar mining infrastructure to support blockchain businesses across Asia, including India.

Vikas Gupta, CEO at Miners at Work (MAW) says, “We are expecting an average turnover of over U$1 billion per year for this business and with a profit of over $21 Million making it very lucrative for investors.

“Investor mining must be simple and user friendly. The MAW proposal is designed for savvy investors and crypto-currency businesses to profit from virtual currency mining and trade. It will also make mining process user friendly for new miners of crypto’s,” he stressed.

Vikas Gupta is scheduling an Initial Coin Offer (ICO) soon and will be issuing 300 million GINNI tokens to raise about US$15 Million at a moderate 6 times P/E ratio.

Vikas said, “Investors are given more benefits for this rewarding business, making it a lifelong asset. What makes our business unique is that, we will retain only 42% of profits of and will give 58% investors. The rewards will be starting from the very first quarter. We are so confident that his team will not be drawing a salary and will get paid only from profits only so investors capital is not eroded from fat salaries of C Level executives.”

“Our tokens will be listed on at least 2 exchanges and investor can trade them easily to get liquidity or even exchange them with other tokens. We see a strong demand for GINNI tokens worldwide and India could be a large investor market. MAW will be launching its GINNI token PRE-ICO starting on the 6th of December, 2017 and the public crowd sale of ICO will start on the 5th of January 2018,” said Gupta.

Vikas informed “We already have a strong feedback and interest from few investors, ongoing expansion will be driven by token demand from worldwide, since the value created for virtual currency has been strong in the past years.”

“What makes MAW ICO different from the others is that it has a business and process in place and the pilot project has been successfully tested and necessary space, power and team is arranged. The next step would be to scale up funding by MAW ICO which will be used for installing mining servers, FASTCOIN crypto ATM machines as well as develop new value added products,” said Gupta who has built a team of experts both in the Singapore head-office and the development team in Gujarat.

One interesting fact is that Vikas is able to create jobs for the disabled through Miners at Work. His team consist of individuals who are physically impaired, have shortcomings in hearing, speech and even with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy.

MAW’s second product line is again exciting as well. The setting up of a network of FASTCOIN Crypto Automatic Teller Machines(ATM), the first of which will be installed in Singapore next month. These ATMs will trade crypto currency for cash and unique in a way that , FASTCOIN can dispense numerous crypto coins as compared to other vending Bitcoins only.

Digital asset and P2P exchanges(peer to peer exchange) are in the process of development by his team to facilitate trade of coins. These platform will allow individuals to trade crypto coins with FIAT as well as other crypto currencies.

MAW is strategically based in Singapore and enjoys a lower taxation rates. This makes the business more profitable overall in terms of returns as compared to other locations worldwide. Singapore is also supportive to IT savvy industries and could be a hub for future phase of technology.

MAW is not Vikas’ 1st billion dollar project. His youth was never questioned when he was selected as Chairman of the En-bloc sales committee of Sim Lim Square. The largest electronic shopping hub in Asia, Sim Lim Square is worth more than $1 billion.

Vikas is Chairman in Singapore and the first Indian to have gained the trust and attained the initiative of over 400 businessmen to sell it collectively (mostly non Indians).It is something similar to selling Cannaught place collectively, owned by few hundred owners.

More details about upcoming GINNI ICO can be seen on

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