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Greenfield-Green Global pact for Asian markets

Kolkata-based software company Greenfield Software (GFS) has formed a partnership with Australia’s Green Global Solutions for the Indian and Asian Pacific markets.
Green Global will market GFS Crane Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software across Asia Pacific under the non-exclusive partnership.
The GFS Crane DCIM is designed to help data centres control capital costs, reduce operating expenses, and mitigate the risks of failures.
GFS is a major breakthrough for Green Global in India where the Australian company is seeking joint ventures to offer its green infrastructure, mission critical facilities, and digital transformation projects.
“Through this partnership, Green Global Solutions will be entitled to deploy GFS Crane DCIM during its consulting engagements with Data Centre customers,” said Bob Sharon, Founder and CEO of Green Global.
The real-time measurements and analytic reports of power and environmental conditions from GFS Crane DCIM, would enable the Green Global team to deliver accelerated and superior outcomes of energy efficiency, risk, cooling and sustainability recommendations to data centre owners and operators, he said.
“The partnership between Green Global Solutions and GreenField Software goes beyond mere supply cooperation: a collaboration that is geared towards providing enhanced customer service, combined with extensive expert knowledge and consulting services,” he explained.
Green Global Solution’s collaboration with GreenField Software was driven by the industry’s need towards Capital and Operating cost reduction, Risk Management against downtime, and reducing GHG emissions due to Data Centre Operations.
Green Global will market the software from its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore.
“This is a first Asia Pacific partnership for us. We want to extend the reach of our solution to the Asian market, and later on to emerging countries,” added Shekhar Dasgupta, Founder of Greefield Software.
“We are looking to maturing this partnership for the longer-term,” he stressed.
In India, GFS is looking to supply solutions for monitoring remotely industrial units including Automatic Teller Machines across India. A pilot project, on remote monitoring of ATMs, will started by end of this year, according to Dasgupta.
“We are working with vendors to offer the solution and once it become successful, we will start to sell to the other service providers managing ATMs,” he told
Dasgupta also elaborated on the company’s Crane brand. The Black Himalayan Crane has survived the impact of climate change by changing its migrating path, which has influenced GFS to make it as a brand for its environment-friendly software solutions.

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