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Frequentis’ technologies for Indian market

Opportunities in India designed in technologies

David Knight.

India’s large scale requirements are part of the new developments from software driven products to technologies.

Philippe Marc.

Details and options are kept in mind by executives, working on the massive Indian market which offers opportunities as the industrialization programme progresses.

One such solution heading to India is Frequentis Shared Situational Awareness System for incident and crisis management.

Developed based on experiences gathered in the United States and Europe, the biggest of the system is operational in Germany and a country in South America. It is the largest defence IP network with 2,500 independent nodes country wide, said David Knight, Global Sales Manager – Air Defence at Frequentis.

Citing this example, Knight and Philippe Marc, Frequentis’ Sales Director for Asia, believe such a system would be perfectly suited for India.

“In India, there are a host of different systems and we can bring them all together under this single unified solution,” he said during a presentation of the system at the Singapore Airshow 2018, held 6-11 Feb 2018.

“It will bring efficiency to India defense sector for monitoring multi-levels of air-space, oceans and most tough terrain across hilly regions,” said Knight.

An India specific software can be uploaded on the system for monitoring threats and challenges of all kinds.

The Frequentis Shared Situational Awareness framework unites information from disparate feeds, including sensor and geographic information systems (GIS) data, bringing it into a single view and enabling operators to interact with it in a consistent way, Knight explained.

Pre-evaluation and weighted scores based on business rules assist decision making, and integrated voice communication with click-to-dial make it easier to reach key contacts fast.

Using 80% common off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software, the Frequentis Shared Situational Awareness framework is also fully open to integration with technologies past, present and future, Knight elaborated.

The framework is highly scalable and supports the highest standards in availability and redundancy. Organisations can flexibly add or remove components and integrate any number of databases for site-specific data.

Built on common requirements and offering standard workflows or customer-defined processes, it is flexible to reflect changing needs, said Knight.

Building on industry standards, Frequentis can customise workflows and integration to the specific needs of each organisation. Layered on top of existing systems, the open and flexible framework simplifies and accelerates operations.

For India, the system could be for many uses in particular for all programmes that require the latest in IP communications systems, added Marc, who listed India as top priority of working in the Asian markets.

Frequentis, he said, is open to working with its customers in India to customise the system to suit the Indian requirements, covering security to disaster relief operations.

Vienna-based Frequentis views India as one of the largest markets and plans to make a series of proposals for “deploying its market-leading voice communications and situational awareness solutions on various defence projects”.

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