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Canadian NRI to present energy options to PM Modi

Kitsault Energy wants to oil and gas supply to India

Kitsault Energy’s Route plan for exporting oil and gas.

Non-resident Indian Krishnan Suthanthiran will make a presentation to both the Canadian and Indian Prime Ministers during their 20-23 Feb 2018 meeting.

Suthanthiran, a mechanical engineer from University of Madras and working in Canada since 1969, sees the potential of exporting Canadian oil and gas to India.

He said of the meeting “excited to present this solution to the Prime Ministers of Canada and India to solve both countries’ energy challenges and the huge pollution problems in India”.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet Prime Minister Narinder Modi, over four days with a group of Canadian and Indian business leaders on February 20–23, 2018 in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Canada is landlocked and unable to ship and sell its energy products to any country except the United States.

In fact, Canada has been the second largest importer of US crude oil during the past 9 months.

US is producing as much crude oil as Saudi Arabia (10.3 million plus barrels of crude oil per day, currently) and exporting LNG, LPG, crude oil and refined petroleum products (such as diesel and gasoline) globally, including Asia.

In the meantime, most of the Canadian projects, though they have questionable economics of financial returns, have been shelved – for LNG productions, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines – thereby, no export to Asia and other countries, except the projects promoted by Suthanthiran-founded company Kitsault Energy, .

Kitsault Energy is working to solve the challenges of both India and Canada by exporting a range of Canadian Energy Products, in fact, all of Canada’s available for export, from a dedicated Energy Corridor, Port and Terminal from Kitsault, BC – as this is the least expensive, most environmentally sound, and with the least number of First Nations along the Pipeline Route.

Both TransCanada and Enbridge/Spectra have secured many of the necessary approvals for a dedicated Energy Corridor of multiple pipelines from the energy-rich NE BC and NW Alberta, to or via Kitsault, to the Tidewater on the NW BC.

The company has many interested parties for Canada’s energy products and investments in pipeline and other infrastructures, including production plants for methanol and LNG, said Suthanthiran who travels to Asia promoting the projects.

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