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BlaBla connects to OTT

Tata Comm addresses security risks

Tata Communications has been selected by global OTT solutions provider BlaBla Connect to underpin a first-of-its-kind OTT service that integrates its existing mobile wallet and voice services together with borderless connectivity.

As a result, BlaBla Connect subscribers will enjoy peace of mind while on the move through seamless access to over 64 million secure hotspots in over 160 countries – integrated through one mobile application.

With Tata Communications Wi-Fi+, BlaBla Connect can address the security risks and hidden costs sometimes associated with accessing unsecure public Wi-Fi networks.

Through this added feature, app subscribers can automatically connect to pre-determined secure hotspots with a single sign-in experience and no hidden charges – no matter where the subscriber is in the world.

According to Ericsson Consumer Lab, roamers are not purchasing travel packages as often. Instead, they are turning off their phones while away resulting in missed calls and messages, a struggle to find open Wi-Fi hotspots and overall frustration at the lack of connectivity.

This is why 7 out of 10 travelers with smartphones find Wi-Fi calling appealing. Thus, adding Tata Communications Wi-Fi+ to the BlaBla Connect app keeps travelers connected.

“BlaBla Connect will be the first OTT voice and mobile wallet provider to offer bundled voice and data services globally.” said Ragheb ElSergani, Chairman, BlaBla Connect.

“This latest development supports our global growth ambitions by helping us ensure that our customers can enjoy a seamless, secure and reliable experience, thanks to our partnership with Tata Communications and its established global network presence,” said ElSergani.

This partnership is the latest example of how Tata Communications is helping to enable a truly global, borderless mobile experience for people and things. It is underpinned by Tata Communications’ global network which today connects 4 out of 5 mobile subscribers and carries 25% of the world’s Internet routes.

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